About Sarah

My name is Sarah Hiraki. I'm a 22 year old cosplayin' babe from Seattle. I've been a fan of cosplay for a while, but I'm new to the craft, having dressed up for the very first time in 2013. I love pokemon, old school gaming, Star Trek: the original series, and the aesthetic of the 1960's. 

I'm 5'6", half-japanese and half-irish, in case you were wondering.

Out of costume, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Seattle. You may recognize me from Bravo's tv series LOLwork, or from co-hosting Know Your Meme.

Want to collaborate or meet up? Send me an email or find me on twitter.

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  1. very adorable! i like you sarah ! I already follow you on twitter. @brilliantdarren . muchlove <3 ~