Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Getting into Super Shape!

With SDCC fast approaching, its time to get healthy for costume season! I don't just want to look even *more* adorable in my costumes, I'm preparing my body for a week of long days, late nights and alcohol consumption. Plus, I've been feeling my desk job take its toll on me– the back pain, eye strain, and unhealthy foods can make a lady feel like LSP in a bad way.

So! I've started taking my health more seriously, with the end goal being this.
Here's what's working for me:

Before a month ago, I had worked out twice in the past year.
I workout daily through free youtube playlists streamed to my tv.
I hate the gym because it's smelly and expensive,
so this suits me much better.
If you're interested in giving my workout a try, I made this playlist of some of my favorites for you:

If you think this playlist looks easy, I DARE you to give it a shot.

Get sweaty! And I'll see you at SDCC!

**disclaimer: I'm not a health professional so do your research before lifting weights and stuff.**

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  1. Yea, i know i hurt myself if i tired anything in that video.....