Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Na na na na BATMAN!

I was happy to be starting off the Convention season with a BANG, BIFF, AND POW with my Batboobsman cosplay (or if you ask my friend Bill, "Bat Ma'am" – how he thinks of these things, I just don't know.)

My favorite bats are Adam West's and Bruce Timm's, so I tried to combine the two styles into one comfy original costume. Because I'm lazy, my bodysuit is the Gloria V from American Apparel. My sister emily helped me craft the cape (see her Lolita Bat here). The the utility belt is made of diving surplus webbing, vinyl, and plastic pencil cases! I'm hoping to add more accessories to this costume in the future, namely batarangs, a can of shark repellant, and a big-ol' paper mache bomb, but since I am sans-Alfred for now, those will have to wait until next time! 

I love this costume because capes are fun and it makes me feel like Julie Newmar–while still getting to be a good guy.

I had a blast at Emerald City Comic Con this year! I saw so many friends who live far away, attended the last ever West Coast Fables panel (sad!) and introduced my partner to his very first ECCC. I've got tons more photos and bought so many things [haul post here]– including pre-ordering the Batman '66 BOOK.

My feet and crime-fighting muscles are sore, but I can't wait for even more excitement in San Diego this year.

More photos after the jump!

I wish I could wear this cape everyday.

Bat-Gaga? Alright!

Goodnight, Gotham!