Monday, May 13, 2013

Hanging out with Doug Sneyd

I had the pleasure of hanging around with Doug Sneyd, Playboy cartoonist, at Fan Expo Vancouver in April. He is so nice and drew a picture of me! I also met Heidi Hutson, who works with Doug. She was fabulous and sent along this photo of my Tribbles cosplay.

Thanks for being so sweet, Doug and Heidi! <3
Check out Doug and Heidi's blog:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Know Your Meme: Futurama, LoTR, Pokemon

These are old, but here I am in a bunch of weird costumes
co-hosting Know Your Meme!
As always, with costume partner in crime, Forest Gibson.

The infamous Bender "Bending" Rodriquez costume.

Some kind of horny elf, in an episode about erotic Fanfiction.

And Pikachu in two episodes of KYM.

These were fun. Episodes for Know Your Meme are on an indefinite hiatus,
but I hope we'll be back someday! <3