Friday, April 5, 2013

Dr. Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend : Archer

Sunday of Emerald City Comic Con was all about Archer for Forest Gibson and I.
We cosplayed Dr. Krieger and his hologram girlfriend (who, sadly, does not have a name.)
We were met with "OH MY GOD," "KURIEEEGER-SAAAAAN"
and "hey, are you a vocaloid?" all dayy.

Seeing as Forest speaks conversational German, and I can do a hentai dub voice like nobody's business, i'd say it was a perfect fit.

(a real photoshoot is coming soon with this one, I promise.)


  1. Actually, I believe her name is Kimiko (or something very similar). It gets said a grand total of, like, once.

  2. BTW her name is actually Mitsuko. Confirmed by Lyck Yates himself