Monday, December 15, 2014

Mad Men: Zou Bisou Bisou

Took a break from comic books to portray one of my favorite primetime characters: Megan Calvet Draper. She's Don's second wife– a French super babe ingenue, natural born copywriter and daytime television star. So for my office's Mad Men themed holiday party, I couldn't resist re-creating her "Zou Bisou Bisou" look. My sister Emily modified an existing dress I had to make it like Megan's. I'm pretty sure I felt like a superhero even though I wasn't in spandex.

If you haven't seen Megan's infamous performance you should watch it.

The inspiration.
BLUE Eyeshadow and serious hair flip necessary.
My hair was completely bullet-proof.

Of course, bourbon was a necessary accessory.

BONUS: Flip book video of me and Don:
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Halloween, Batman!

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I had such a busy halloween week, that I didn't have a chance to do proper photos of my Catwoman '66 costume. So here are some quick iPhone timer selfies. Julie Newmar's Catwoman is my absolute favorite, and wearing this costume was such a dream. I'm sure I'll be wearing it for Emerald City... San Diego... pretty much any opportunity I have in the future. And do a real photoshoot, I'm sure.

I didn't make this costume. It's official merch, and you can get one here. Totally worth the $$$.

More photos after the jump!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Getting into Super Shape!

With SDCC fast approaching, its time to get healthy for costume season! I don't just want to look even *more* adorable in my costumes, I'm preparing my body for a week of long days, late nights and alcohol consumption. Plus, I've been feeling my desk job take its toll on me– the back pain, eye strain, and unhealthy foods can make a lady feel like LSP in a bad way.

So! I've started taking my health more seriously, with the end goal being this.
Here's what's working for me:

Before a month ago, I had worked out twice in the past year.
I workout daily through free youtube playlists streamed to my tv.
I hate the gym because it's smelly and expensive,
so this suits me much better.
If you're interested in giving my workout a try, I made this playlist of some of my favorites for you:

If you think this playlist looks easy, I DARE you to give it a shot.

Get sweaty! And I'll see you at SDCC!

**disclaimer: I'm not a health professional so do your research before lifting weights and stuff.**

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Batman in Black and White at ECCC

I love these black and white shots that my cool partner Scott took during Emerald City Comic Con. He went analog, and shot the con on his Canon AE-1. And I have to say, my batman costume looks pretty sweet in 35mm. Scott's been shooting a lot lately, and he posts everything to his flickr over here. He photographs all of our adventures, so I highly suggest following him. More photos to come, of course! Until next time, thanks for making me look so ~batty~ Scott!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Na na na na BATMAN!

I was happy to be starting off the Convention season with a BANG, BIFF, AND POW with my Batboobsman cosplay (or if you ask my friend Bill, "Bat Ma'am" – how he thinks of these things, I just don't know.)

My favorite bats are Adam West's and Bruce Timm's, so I tried to combine the two styles into one comfy original costume. Because I'm lazy, my bodysuit is the Gloria V from American Apparel. My sister emily helped me craft the cape (see her Lolita Bat here). The the utility belt is made of diving surplus webbing, vinyl, and plastic pencil cases! I'm hoping to add more accessories to this costume in the future, namely batarangs, a can of shark repellant, and a big-ol' paper mache bomb, but since I am sans-Alfred for now, those will have to wait until next time! 

I love this costume because capes are fun and it makes me feel like Julie Newmar–while still getting to be a good guy.

I had a blast at Emerald City Comic Con this year! I saw so many friends who live far away, attended the last ever West Coast Fables panel (sad!) and introduced my partner to his very first ECCC. I've got tons more photos and bought so many things [haul post here]– including pre-ordering the Batman '66 BOOK.

My feet and crime-fighting muscles are sore, but I can't wait for even more excitement in San Diego this year.

More photos after the jump!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ECCC Haul 2014

Bee and the Puppycat sweater (WeLoveFine) and Star Trek 45.

Time for a haul! Not cosplay, of course, but I'll be moving all con and fandom related posts to this blog from my main blog. Any original (and fandom-related) art will still live over here.

Machine of Death patch, reading, and sticker; Miyazaki Club button;
Satanic Babysitters Club book; illustrated cards.
It's so beautiful. And sounds RIDICULOUS.
Ah, Moauv.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Cho Chang + Neville Longbottom

I've wanted to be Cho Chang since she first appeared in the Harry Potter books when I was 9.
While Cho has been criticized as being an extremely problematic character, I see a lot of myself in her. In her school years, she has a lot going for her, she's a seeker for her quidditch team (and the only girl on said team), she dates seriously every one of the cutest boys at Hogwarts. However, she's also one of the only characters, other than maybe Neville, who we see goes through very real grief throughout the books. Because, you know, when the forces of pure evil are constantly trying to murder your boyfriends, teachers and friends, you'd be pretty upset about it too. I love that Cho is a complete bummer most of the time, because when you're one of the only kids "like you" in school, you cry a bunch. 

This costume was super easy and comfortable, because I dress like a Hogwarts student most of the time anyway. Most of these pieces were already in my closet, and I thrifted the rest. I picked up this replica of Cho's wand from Hayes Replicas on Etsy, which is beautiful and very good quality.

By my side was Neville Longbottom, cosplayed by Scott! Scott is a dead-ringer for Matthew Lewis (evidence here), who plays Neville in the movies, so this costume was a natural fit. We thrifted his tie and sweater, and picked up a beautiful wooden replica of Neville's Wand at ECCC.

More photos AND BONUS VIDEOS OF REAL MAGIC after the jump: